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Put the Offshore development team on a "railway track"

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

One characteristic of the fall-out of the cultural difference is that the offshore team feels the need to be led. What this means is that the team needs a leader to guide them on the development tasks.

Software development process is a creative process. The options to create are very many, and the flexibility that the programming allows, makes it prone to create something which is far different than what the client has envisaged. There is a need to clearly specify in detail, what needs to be created. In other words, merely conveying the idea or vision, doesn't suffice and there is a need to specify what needs to be done in great details.

I call this like laying down tracks for a train. The tracks ensure that the train doesn't go here and there and follows a perfect laid down path, and so can travel much faster than its equivalent counterparts on the road. On similar lines there is a need for the dev team to be told clearly and great details in what needs to be done.

So it is very important for a senior Project Manager to work well with the client, then convert the requirements in detail for the dev team.

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