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How to make Indian Offshore development really work

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

The Indian offshore software development model is in vogue for over 20 years now. Having been involved with running companies related to this, I would like to share here my thoughts on how this can be made to work well.

The thoughts presented here are mine only, and are by no means, meant to criticize anyone or any cultures.

I would like to initially cover the cultural aspects of this. In the developed nations, the kids are encouraged to learn things more on their own rather than being totally led by the teachers. From a very early stage, the kids are encouraged to find out things on their own, look for solutions on their own. This happens by the kid needing to do projects from a very early stage of their school. Thus as they grow, they grasp that the teachers will only guide on what needs to be learnt, and will provide hints, but the learning, finding solutions has to be their own.

As against this, in the Indian system, the education is "guru led". Whatever the guru says is correct. He/she is the know all, be all. The student is evaluated more on how well the student is able to reproduce things taught to him/her, rather than emphasizing on the students creativity or his/her own thoughts. Projects that are asked to be done, are often looked at as something "additional", some burden over and above the curriculum that needs to be covered. The emphasis is on getting maximum marks as per what the teacher is going to ask in the exam. The education is more exam oriented than exploratory.

In my further blog posts, I will explain further the implications of this cultural aspect.

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