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Appropriate Software Solutions

Unobtrusive, robust and detailed software solutions that are truly useful.

We focus on the problems you face today to ensure you do better tomorrow.

Our Services

Our Servuces

Product Management

The success of a product is determined by the user problem that you are attempting to solve with your solution. Aptsoft analyses business requirements, writes user stories, wire frames, and use cases, and guides the development team. We also provide process optimisation, training, product enhancement, UAT, and post-production technical support. We've worked with teams all over the world and are familiar with cultural differences.

Sharepoint Implementation

At Aptsoft, we have implemented Sharepoint solutions, both on the "On-Premise" and "Sharepoint online" platforms, migrated solutions from the earlier versions to the latest, and also migrated from the "On-premise" to "Sharepoint Online".


Software companies should not only focus on creating new solutions from start. There are thousands of companies that can supply custom solutions, but are all of these companies capable of working with or configuring existing software? Perhaps your company already has a certain software solution and does not require anything new. All you have to do is keep it up to date and compatible with other apps. Aptsoft has done a variety of configuration projects, from integrating Azure with existing cloud services, to providing custom-built add-ons.


Do you use too many tools to manage your documents? Or do want to move with the times and bring your on-premise software to the cloud? Whether you need to consolidate a few applications or migrate your entire database to the Azure Cloud, Aptsoft does it all. One of Aptsoft Solutions’ core strengths is its migration services. Over the years, we have helped dozens of enterprise clients with their data migrations. Using Microsoft products such as the Azure Cloud, Dynamics CRM and SharePoint, we have always made sure to provide future-proof solutions that allow our clients to scale.

Managed IT Services

Aptsoft has planned, configured, migrated, integrated and developed dozens of different solutions for clients. From managing (mail) servers, firewalls and virtual machines to migrating entire server racks, we’ve done it all. So whether you need a custom configuration for a Microsoft product (such as Dynamics CRM or SharePoint), want a new server installed, or have entirely different IT needs, we are here to help.

Web Applications

Sometimes the software deployed is inadequate. Something new is needed, something innovative. Whether you need a new feature for your website or intranet, or a new product, you need a communicative and knowledgeable development team. Aptsoft has created a number of web applications. From simple login systems with customised dashboards to complex solutions for visualising and working with massive volumes of data. We make it a point to bring creative but straightforward ideas to the table, assuring a dependable solution. One that is reliable, dependable, and strong.

Off-Shore Development Centre

Creating a dedicated development team for the client, providing top-tier infrastructure and administrative support, and integrating the team smoothly with the client's team. Years of intense training and learning to overcome common obstacles such as communication, cultural differences, time zone disparities, and so on.

Our Work


Rental MarketPlace

We took over the project in a very bad shape from a development team (no support), adjusted prioritization and planning, and were able to achieve the Go LIVE date for the client.
Proactively made changes to code, infra and security of the application to make it stable - All this was achieved with half the team size.

Opensource technologies (PHP, NOSQL) hosted on initially AWS infrastructure, later migrated to Azure

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